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MichelleHey, this is Michelle, and welcome to my blog!  I started blogging in 2004, using Blogger (before it was a Google affiliate), and dropped off while I was WAY too busy with work.  Now I’m in a different job, and have more time.  The Blogger blog got ported to my own Valentines/Birthday 2009 website, which is how this version of my blog came into being!

I’m a 30-year-old CPA/accountant married to my engineer husband Steve, whom I met in college @ Iowa State…  I’m a new mama to Calli, plus mama to our fur children Radar and Sylvester!  We live in sunny SoCal, just a few miles from the beach, and love living here, with the exception of the housing costs and crazy traffic.

I like to sew (started in mid-2007 and really picked up steam in mid-2008), so I blog about my projects a lot.  Plus, I like to throw in some random posts about what else is going on in my life – trips to Disneyland, riding a mustang named Sammy, etc.


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