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Snail’s Pace

I feel like I’ve been running at a snail’s pace for the last couple of weeks…that, or I have SADD (sewing ADD) right now.  And now I’m officially behind on some things I need to do for other people.

A while ago, Stephanie arranged for her MIL to procure some ABC panels like the ones she sent out for Pieced Together.  So I asked for 2 (one pinky, one bluey) to add to my stash.  I have no doubt in my mind that a future child of mine will have a quilt made from these panels, which will be all embroidered and cute.  I might see if my grandpa (yes, grandpa) wants to embroider them for me, with the clear understanding that there is no actual baby on the way.

In exchange for the panels, we were supposed to send Stephanie’s MIL something.  Before July.  Yeah, it’s now July 1, so I’m behind.  I have actually done something though:

I’m making a table-topper.  It’s all quilted, I just need to bind it.  Plus, I’m going to see what other goodies I can scrounge up to go with it.  I reaaaalllllyyyy need to get a lens for the new camera that will allow me to get the wide angle shot – I cut the top of this picture because I couldn’t get far enough away without obstructing the view with apartment objects.

And because I focus better when I have a list, here are the other items on the to-do list:

  • Rachael’s block for June (AQB2) – started, I’m just scared to screw the rest of it up
  • Stephanie’s block for June (PTQB) – in my defense, I didn’t receive the fabrics until mid-month, so I don’t feel as bad stretching this one out
  • Edith’s block for July (PTQB) – no fabric yet, she’s asking for circles – yeeks!
  • Anna’s block for July (AQB2) – no fabric yet, but if we are given free reign, I know what I’m doing…
  • Hobo bag for Beth (yes, still not done – it’s a couple hours from done though)
  • Messenger bag for Steve (he’s bugging me about this lately, so I know he wants it done – maybe before he goes to Alaska?)
  • Birdie sling for me
  • Plus any other items on the project list

I did bang out 16 more 9-patch blocks for three by three swap.  I got a different 1/4″ piecing foot a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully these are more appropriately sized.  I will not being doing the July blocks, I just don’t want that stress.

Oh, and the owls will be making another appearance.  Michelle and I are doing our own lil 9-patch swap using owl fabrics.

Ok, back to work (real work) so I can go home @ a decent hour and try to tackle this list…

3 comments to Snail’s Pace

  • You won’t screw up my block– I love everything you create! Good job on the nine patches and table runner!

  • Loving your 9 patches and can’t wait to see Rachael’s block. Have a great and safe 4th!

  • I love the table runner and I know my MIL will too. Awesome job! Thank you so much. AND everyone is behind on something – IT IS SUMMER! :) I love everything you make too so I am with Rachael!

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