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Baby Bib – Never Again!

I followed the tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts very loosely for this bib. By loosely, I mean that I didn’t realize I should have just stippled the pieces in recentangle format, then cut out of the pattern. I, of course, did it the hard way – cut the pieces of the pattern, then stippled. And I decided not to make a snap for the neck – I just wanted a tie back.

Then came the binding…using 1/4″ premade binding (too lazy to attempt to make some, plus not sure what fabric I would have used). See “Death by Pins” below…

Then came time to put on the binding around the inner neck – what a disaster! This is the reason I won’t be doing this again – at least, not in this manner. I couldn’t get it to go on straight, I kept missing the fabric w/my stitches, etc. etc. WAY TOO much work for such a little bib. I think I like the idea of turning the fabrics, and just using a snap/velcro to keep the ends together. You could still stipple after turning the fabric…

Final result – pretty decent stipple (but it is really small, so that’s why I think it works). Two sided – notice the yucky dimply curved inner binding, contrasting nicely with the pretty outside binding.

*sigh* I just love that airplane fabric though :)

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