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Shenanigans @ Disneyland

I should have known that something wacky would happen after I pontificated about the virtues of Disneyland

On Wednesday, we went to Disneyland, as it was Kristina’s boyfriend Calvin’s birthday, so he could get in free.  I think that the birthday promotion thing is doing great things for boosting park attendance…which is sort of bad, I was expecting there to be less people…spring breaks in neighboring states didn’t really help matters either.


But the day just started strange and got stranger.  We went on the Jungle Cruise first…the skipper started out strong, and then just fizzled.  He was just commenting – “oh there’s the elephants; that one has his own shower” and not doing any of the standard puns that are part of the joke book for the skippers.  Not the normal fun experience.

Then we went over to Pirates of the Caribbean…and the cast members proceeded to fill our boat full of chunky people.  And we got stuck – didn’t go down the first hill – we had to rock the boat to get it to go down the drop.  Then the boat went REAAALLLLY slow thru the ride too.  I really didn’t realize how full it was, until Steve muttered to look behind me – and then I realized the sources of our problems.  I almost complained to the cast members, but then I realized they were probably aware, since they were the ones that told us to rock the boat using a speaker along the ride route.

We hit a couple more rides, then Steve grabbed our lunch from the locker outside the park.  The rest of us went to Star Tours…where Kristina’s seatbelt wouldn’t latch, so we had to get off the ride and go to a different ride vehicle.  SERIOUSLY?  How random that we keep getting on slightly malfunctioning rides!


After a few more jaunts on some rides (and photos with Mickey), we figured we better do Splash Mountain while it was still hot and we had time to dry out before dinner.  We waited in the hour-long line (although I took a minor detour to take a picture with Brer Fox), and had just reached the front of the queue.  Then random woman in front of us shrieks “My sunglasses, get my sunglasses!”  Her husband (?) was sitting in the front of the boat, propels himself out of the front seat to land in front of the boat in attempt to grab the sunglasses, losing and reclaiming his seeing glasses in the process, then hops back in the boat.  I SWEAR this all happened in 5 seconds – super fast!  Well, little known fact – if the Splash Mountain ride platform senses any weight where it doesn’t belong, the ride goes into emergency shutdown.  So because the guy jumped in front of the boat, the ride completely shut down.  It was a seriously stupid and seriously dangerous move – apparently the ride operator was *this close* to hitting the button to make the boat move forward – the guy could have been squished by his own boat!  Not to mention he was reaching very close to 2 different conveyer belts – what if his fingers had gotten caught in between?  I sort of took a great deal of glee in explaining the story to the confused people in line behind us; there were very few people that actually witnessed the crazy fast chain of events.  After probably 25 minutes, and through more security and cast members that I’ve ever seen @ one ride location, we were able to get on the boat through the ride.


Then (yes, there’s still more to this story) Steve went to find a churro while we waited in line for Mr. Toad… and came running back with the news that he just saw Kobe Bryant from the LA Lakers with his 2 daughters & wife.  OK – that’s pretty cool!  I knew you could typically have celeb sightings during the week; the Beckhams come every few months, along with other random celebs.  And as our entire group was walking to end our night @ Space Mountain, we all got to see Kobe + Family working their way through the crowds in Tomorrowland.  Calvin, in particular, was excited.  But we’re all respectful, and didn’t try to take a picture or anything.  And a quick search of the internets yielded no results for pics of Kobe in Disneyland this time around; there are some older pictures, so it seems like he likes to bring his daughters, which is really cute.

So lessons learned from Disneyland:

  1. Don’t let the cast members fill your boats with *ahem* fat people – you want the boat to be able to move.
  2. Keep a hold of your belongings as you board rides.
  3. If you happen to lose said belongings, calmly inform a cast member – DO NOT SHRIEK!
  4. Don’t get out of ride vehicles into areas where you don’t seem to belong.

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