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A Little Bit Here and There

So why didn’t anyone tell me that a crawling, climbing, walking little girl would be so much work, especially on the weekends?? We are busy little bees in the Fox house!

Anywho, my awesome sauce quilter, Margaret from Mainely Quilts of Love, finished my Stairway to Heaven mini quilt for me a few months ago. I got around to stitching down the binding (awesome Topography print from Architextures) while we road tripped up to the San Jose area over the 4th. Took another week to actually get it hung above our bed (ooh, we finally have a bed frame after 8 years of marriage, complete with a new mattress that is so so comfortable). But I’m a happy girl whenever I walk in to our bedroom now!

Stairway to Heaven finished!

Some of the quilting does get lost on the busy busy fabrics (my fault for that, not Margaret’s). However, it shows up well under artificial light, which is mostly when I’m in our bedroom anyway, so that works for me! I particularly love how the center flower pops out from the dense micro quilting around it.
Quilting detail - Stairway to Heaven

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