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It’s official!  I’m now on my self-imposed, 6-month minimum hiatus from sewing for people I don’t know (aka, no bees or swaps).  And I gotta say, it already feels good.  Maybe just because I don’t have any energy for sewing right now??

Anywho, I finished up my 4×5 bee blocks, and mailed them out, and my hands are clean!

4x5 Bee Blocks - Q1 2012 - Hive #5

However, I do have to say I enjoy the end result of these bee blocks.  Making one is always nice, but then to make 5 more and start to see the effect of the pattern emerging is always rewarding to me.

Speaking of bees, my One Block Over buddy Andie submitted her OBO quilt as part of the Cincy Mod Quilt Guild’s exhibit in the International Quilt Festival this past weekend.  How fun is that??  I’m just impressed she was able to pull the quilt together so quickly – mine is still in pieces!  Here’s her quilt, made for her daughter:

Also, I have to brag a bit about my hubby.  My sewing table lamp, dating back to my college days (so at least 10 years old?) went ka-put the other day.  I didn’t want to just replace the bulb, since the lamp itself had a difficult time in staying in a fixed position.  So my dear sweet hubby agreed to venture into Joann after our ultrasound on Friday (on his day off, no less) and pick up an Ottlite for me.  Joann can be my version of hell, so I can only imagine how it is for a dude who would otherwise not put a toe into that store.  Thank you, Steve!

3 comments to Hiatus

  • Good for you! I’m down to 1 bee (doGood Stitches) and no swaps and even that can feel like a lot. Then again, I haven’t been home for more than a few days since the beginning of March so maybe it has nothing to do with sewing….which I haven’t done in a while…

  • Thanks for the shout out, my pregger friend! Good thinking about the sewing hiatus – might have to follow your lead.

  • Hi Michelle, I was just wondering if you realized that you never did send me my block for the OBO. No hiatus yet!

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