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Sewing for Kit

I’m nearly done with bees and swaps before my self-imposed hiatus that will end no sooner than October 1st.  My goal is to focus on finishing some of my started projects, and add in some sewing for baby Kit.

Some items on Kit’s list:

  • A quilt or two.  DUH!  How could I not??  Even though babies don’t sleep with bedding (especially in La-La-Land, where it’s always warm)…  I’m currently working on a scrappy yellow/gray New Wave quilt.  All of the tumblers have been cut, I’m currently auditioning sashing options.  Steve is surprisingly vocal with regard to the sashing – he wants something to contrast between the yellow & gray rows.  I suppose I can’t blame him, he will hopefully be looking at this quilt for years, as Kit drags it around everywhere.
  • Taggie/lovey blanket.  Should be easy peasy to whip one up, maybe an elephant?
  • Quick Change Trousers (well, more… or at least some special pairs only made for Kit).  And seriously, how cute would it be to fussy-cut a typewriter for the butt??
  • Boob Toob.  I’ve heard the Hooter Hider isn’t all that effective (fly-aways, side/rear peeks), so when I saw this, I thought I would try it.  The dimensions from the Etsy shop are 20″ x 70″, so that sounds like a yard of fabric cut in half and stitched together, right?
  • Bunting/banner above the crib
  • Wall art – I’m going to try “wallpapering with starch” using some Daisy Janie Shades of Gray fabrics I have.  I’m thinking circles of various sizes??
  • Sleep sack – there’s a pattern in the AMH book, I think
  • Boppy pillow covers – I’m inheriting a couple of these pillows, so I think they could probably use new covers.
  • Fabric pinwheels – perhaps for a mobile??
  • Burp cloths – I’m planning on trying some Indian cotton diapers as the base of the burp cloths, prettied up with some fabric
  • Fabric baskets for diapers & supplies

On the “maybe” list is a diaper bag…  While there are a bazillion diaper bag choices available, there doesn’t seem to be the perfect bag for Steve and I to share.  Some of our requirements include adequate size, tons of pockets, messenger bag strap, and easy to clean.  But there’s one that I think is close – the Ju Ju Be BFF:

We both like that it is a messenger bag style that can convert to the backpack if needed.  BUT it’s the backpack feature that doesn’t seem to cut the mustard in the online reviews I’ve read – the straps need to be placed higher on the bag in order for it to lay comfortably on one’s back.  Plus the $165 price tag is making me cringe a bit.  So I need to decide how ambitious I am about creating a bag from scratch.  I know I can do it, I’ve made enough bags at this point to fudge my way through it…but the question is how much time and stress will I incur??

Does this seem like a reasonable list?  Am I forgetting anything??  Anything unnecessary?

And am I actually going to get any WIPs done, or will baby sewing consume my 3rd trimester & post-birth energies?

2 comments to Sewing for Kit

  • Girl. Save yourself some time to prepare Kit’s room and rest and relax!! Remember — people are going to want to make you stuff as well!

    Are your yellows and grays lighter values are darker values. May I suggest — don’t laugh — navy??

  • How about typewriter teal (or, my fave, kona glacier) for the sashing? I think it will be fun and gender-neutral b/c everyone loves teal (or, at least, everyone in my world does. it’s just so lovely).

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