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10,957 Days

It doesn’t feel quite as unnerving to turn 30 as I had imagined it would a year ago.  And when I look back on my goals for my 30th year of life, I didn’t do too bad.  Also, not specifically mentioned on the list but that happened nonetheless was that Steve and I sort of had an understanding from several years ago that we would start thinking about kids at around 30.  Parenting in our 30s sounded like a good thing for us – gave us time to have fun, grow our relationship, and become comfortable with ourselves financially.  I’ve never desperately wanted to have kids (which sounds so awful, but…), so it only figures that it didn’t take much of an effort to get pregnant (and I feel so bad for those couples that have issues, it seems like such a cruel joke to me).  That being said, I’m definitely happy that this little one will be making his/her appearance in a few months to add some spice to our lives – so secret goal #31 = Kit = in progress. :)

And without further ado, a recap of my bucket list…


Accomplishments (17 out of 30):

2.  Finish the bedroom quilt.
TOP IS DONE! And I sent it to Margaret for quilting, now just to hand-stitch the binding to the back.  Here’s a sneak peak of the quilting:

5.  Visit at least 1 friend that doesn’t live in LA or Nebraska.
See #16, we headed to the East Coast to see our friends Will & Karla in Maryland, and cruised with our Connecticut friends Jason & Christina!

8.  Blog at least 5x/month.
a quick check of the left sidebar shows this is happening (except November & December, and I blame first trimester sleepies for lack of things to even blog about, let alone actually blogging)

10.Use power tools!
Yep, blogged about the litter box hider box here.  Sadness, though – we are going to end up giving it away to someone else because we are enclosing in the area under the stairs and don’t want the box closed in permanently.

11.  Wine tasting at the random winery in downtown LA.
I thought it was great, so I sent my mom & stepdad up there a couple of weeks ago when they visited… and they didn’t have a good time.  No one came to give the tour for them!

14.  Send birthday cards to family & friends ON TIME.  Which means I need to get a birthday card sent to my mom ASAP.
I’m not doing too bad in this endeavor…I think…

15.  Drink 2 big bottles/cups of water each day.
Yes, big improvements made here!  Turns out being preggo & dehydrated all the time helps.  However, we are blowing through toilet paper in our house due to my frequent trips to the bathroom.

16.  Hawaii? Bermuda?

17.  Take a cruise, even if just the booze cruise…with friends!
see #16

18.  Easy camping on Catalina – and I will not die this time! (see #20…and #7 for reasons I may have died last time)
I’m definitely counting the crazy hiking

19.  Add something spectacular to the photo wall. (see #1 and #16 – identified opportunities) 
I did order a 5″x15″ fotoflot of this:

From Australia 2011

22.  More roller derby!
Went to Long Beach roller derby in May, and I’ve decided I need high caliber roller derby, and LB wasn’t cuttin’ it… back to the Doll Factory.

24.  Two words: Hollywood Bowl.
We’ve seen Star Wars in Concert and Hairspray (with the world’s biggest Nick Jonas fan, I might add) last summer!

25.  Shakespeare by the Sea.
We went with our friend Scott to see Much Ado About Nothing

26.  Cinespia Cemetery Screening.
By all reports, this now sucks because they sell the tickets online which sell out super fast and there’s a DJ, and it’s lost some of its charm.   So I’m writing it off and substituting the Walt Disney Concert Hall – we saw Pink Martini on New Year’s Eve (also our anniversary), and I’m holding onto my girl crush on China Forbes!

27.  Find my signature baked good (Steve thinks this is already my apple pie, but I want it to be something that I can whip up quickly to bring over to gatherings).
Maybe this is just pie crust?? I make a damn good pie crust, if I do say so myself!  But I’m feeling more confident in general about baking, so I think the fact that I can bake something reasonably edible is a win.

29.  Do something for charity – not sure what, but I’m definitely feeling selfish!
Steve and I are sponsoring one of his soccer kids for the all-star team.  I’ve met the kid and his mom, and they’re both awesome people. I can imagine being a single mom of 3 kids is very tough, so hopefully we’re easing that small burden for her.



Things I Still Want to Tackle:

1.  Visit a National Park – I’m thinking this one.
Seriously sad I didn’t make more of an effort on this one!

3.  Remodel my doll house.
This isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but does re-doing the guest bedroom and creating a nursery count??

4.  See if there is any type of Indian cuisine I can handle.
I’m totally using the baby as my scapegoat for not following through – but seriously, pregnancy doesn’t seem like the appropriate time to experiment with food.

6.  Learn how to crochet something that doesn’t look like this.
(that’s supposed to be a granny square – it’s lopsided, and not quite right)
Crafty ADD, my friends… and the desire to clear some items off my WIP list.

9.  Finish my Disneyland perpetual calendar.
I wasn’t exactly aided in my endeavor by all of the construction at Disney for the past couple of years…

7.  Run a 5K. Run…not walk.
No excuse, I’m lazy. 

12.  Send out thank you notes.
I’m really trying to acknowledge  people, but have been not so great about it.

13.  Do something completely spontaneous & last minute, and drive my anal-retentive planning self NUTS!  Note to self: must enlist Steve’s help for this one!
Came close one time, but it didn’t pan out. 

20.  Bump up my exercise routine to 3x/week.
see #7

21.  Fit back into my skinny jeans.
Clearly, baby growing doesn’t fit this goal…quite the opposite, in fact.

23.  And speaking of roller skates – I need to go roller skating again!
Apparently Nebraska is THE spot to roller skate – there are 2 rinks in Omaha and 1 in Lincoln… I’ve found info about 1 rink in LA and it’s way up in the Valley.  So I would prefer to accomplish this one on a trip home to Nebraska, while not pregnant.

28.  Use up some of my fabric stash – the Style Stitches challenge should be instrumental in achieving that goal!
Um, yeah… not doing so well on this one, lol, I’ve added a few things instead of using it up!  However, I am using up some of the fabrics I’ve specifically stashed for baby-related sewing.

30.  Make sure to remember to enjoy the beach – because why else would I be living where I live??
I’m awful.  We’ve been to the beach once this year.  I actually do want to go see the grunion run sometime – maybe in March???

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