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Los Pantalones

Clothing is sort of hard to make!  Especially pants – that whole crotch seaming stuff is sort of confusing.  And clothes for tiny humans are even more difficult because they’re so…tiny! 

However, tiny human clothes are especially cute and adorable, even without tiny humans filling them out.

I traced out the 0-3 months and 12-18 months patterns for the Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.  I went stash shopping for some fabrics (way too much fun!).  And slowly sewed up 2 pairs of pants.


The bigger pair is definitely girlie – so I’m going to have my favorite little ginger, Ellie, test these out for me.  The smaller pair is for my newest favorite sassy chica, Sara, who apparently doesn’t have any pants to wear currently.  Hers are more gender neutral, so hopefully they’ll get passed back so Kit can wear them.  As a bonus, Sara should be able to wear the bigger set of pants in about a year!  I also think Sara will end up testing a few pairs of gender neutrals in the bigger sizes.

0212 Crafty

The pain of sewing clothing is more than offset by the cuteness of the clothing, so I’ll definitely be making a few more pairs of these pants!  I’m kinda wishing they came in my size! Winking smile 

The girls will get their new pants next weekend, so hopefully they’ll both cooperate for a photo op.

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  • Cute! But don’t tell me garment sewing is hard :) I still need to try it and don’t want to think of it as more difficult than I already imagine it to be!

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