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How Pinteresting

I feel like Pinterest has suddenly gone mainstream in the last couple of months – everyone and their dog is now pinning (well, at least the females).  Probably because you don’t even need an invite, just log in using facebook or twitter.

Since I’m an Pin addict since last March, I have over 1000 pins going at this point.  I figured it was probably time to put some of those pins to good use, and food seems to be the easy solution.

Last Friday, I got Steve to make a variation of these French dip crescent rolls for dinner.

He subbed premade tri-tip from the deli counter @ the grocery store, added some pepper & onion slices, and subbed out the au jus.  Plus a load of steamed veggies on the side.

The verdict?  Yum.  And crescent rolls make everything taste better.

For Superbowl Sunday, Steve got up and ran in the Redondo 10K (that’s 6.2 miles, mom!).  As his reward, I made him homemade Samoas (Samoas are his favorite girl scout cookie, and he is so happy when Dryers has their girl scout ice creams available too).

The verdict?  First, mine didn’t look this pretty.  But Yum!  Some modifications will be made next time (Steve thought they were just a touch too sweet) – unsweetened coconut, coupled with some 70% dark chocolate bars (Trader Joes should help us out with these items).  I’m not a huge coconut or caramel fan, but the chocolate + shortbread combo made me dig in too.  My goal is to try to figure out what I could sub for the coconut/caramel topping – maybe some type of peanut butter topping??

I’ve also made orange poppyseed vinaigrette (Yum), lemon chex mix (mixed reaction), bacon pancakes (mixed reaction), layer cake (Yum, even using boxed cake mix), crescent breakfast ring (Yum, but again, crescent rolls make everything better), and the bloomin’ brie bowl (Yum, but should cut the bread all the way through before baking, so it’s easier to pull apart later).

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