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He Paints, I Sew

Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not terribly helpful with home improvement projects.   I don’t tend to have the patience necessary to meet Steve’s standards.  All of this is fine, we’ve both accepted this fact and I will help when necessary.  But I have to admit that I feel a little less guilty playing the preggo card right now.

Steve’s been painting, patching, sanding, etc. in the guest bedroom.  Yep, he’s painting a room that was just painted 2 years ago.  Why?  Because I decided I wanted a different shade of blue in the room.  The old color was OK, but I think the new color is absolutely fabulous (and Steve agrees with me now that it is done).  I would like to thank YHL for the color inspiration.  The color is Martha Stewart “Plumage” but the MS paint is being discontinued at Home Depot, so we are using a Glidden color match (Glidden made the MS paint, so that was pretty easy to accomplish).  All of this is necessary because my crafty room is going to migrate to the crafty corner in the guest bedroom so Baby Kit can have my room (BTW, that link is to Kit’s blog).  And it’s important to love the paint color in your crafting space, right?

So I’ve been sewing while my loving hubby paints up a storm.  First, I sewed up some patchwork madness from the squares I received in the 2 Echino swaps hosted by Sara.  Out of the 56 squares received, I had 1 duplicate, so I replaced it with a random 4-patch I made from other Echino scraps I’ve been hoarding.  I’m so happy to have participated in this swap – there’s no way I could afford to get such a variety of prints without spending a small fortune otherwise!  I’m not entirely what I’m going to do with this color explosion…probably have Margaret quilt it up and then ?????

Echino Swap Squares

I also started sewing up some Secret Garden into a giant starflower quilt for a secret recipient (I’m not sure if she reads my blog or not, but better safe than sorry).  And can I just take a moment to rave about this fabric?  The colors are fun & vibrant, and the fabric is fairly lightweight and so soft (not quite as soft as the brushed poplin from Free Spirit a few years ago, but close).  So much better than some of the stiff, heavy fabric that has come out lately – kudos to Michael Miller!  Anyway, I think I have a 108″ backing stashed away to pair with the oversized 96″ square queen quilt, so I should be able to get that sent out for quilting soon.

And I started sewing up some fat Dresdens using the Echo charm pack I won a while back.  Yeah…also really loving this fabric, and am regretting that I didn’t snatch up some of the white on yellow buds print while it was still available.  Echo seems to be well-loved but in short supply.  Maybe Windham will reprint??  I did manage to find to grab some of the Standing Stones in Yellow from Hawthorne Threads last week (and seriously, they’re already out!), along with some of the Washi Tape fabric (for no other reason than I like it).

Anna Maria Horner is going to be a guest at the LA Modern Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow night, so I’m going to make a rare appearance at the meeting to see what she has to say.

I also need to spend some time organizing, cleaning, and transferring my sewing stuff into my new space this week.  Plus I have some bee blocks that need my attention.  I’m officially cutting myself off from bees & swaps this year, starting in April.  If I feel I can manage it, I’ll pick some things back up in October.  But I’m really feeling the need to be selfish with my time and nesting energies, and try to make some headway on my ridiculous to-do lists!

2 comments to He Paints, I Sew

  • I seriously love that new blue. I love blue, but that blue is fabulous! I think Brenda (of Pink Chalk fabrics) told me she was getting Echo but the second printing or something like that. So maybe more will be making its way into the world. It is pretty awesome.

  • Joelle

    i like the bright patchwork quilt! love the room!

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