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Baby Kit

Thanks for the congrats, well wishes, and excitement about Baby Kit (a baby fox is called a kit, so that what’s we’re going with).  We took the image of the Rebus puzzle (thank you, google, for helping us figure out what that was called) and turned it into a jigsaw puzzle that we made Steve’s family put together.  Needless to say, all family members and friends are thrilled, especially the future grandparents (neither of our parents have biological grandchildren yet, although both of my steps do).

I’m due on July 2nd, so I’m past the hurdle of the 1st trimester.  We’re both definitely excited, especially since we had an ultrasound right before Christmas.  It all seems so much more “real” once you see that tiny alien-esque creature and hear the lub-lub-lub of that little heart beating away.

Technically, we had the first ultrasound right before Thanksgiving, when Kit was just a little bean-shaped thing that was less than an inch long.  The ultrasound in December was much more interesting (because I got to watch, for one thing) – the doc verified Kit does have 2 brain hemispheres and 4 heart chambers, which completely blew my mind.

But most importantly, I passed the first test.

What test?

Well, you see, I’m not so good about keeping things a surprise.  For example, Steve received his Christmas present before Thanksgiving, because there’s no way I could hide an 8 quart Le Creuset french oven from him for that long.  So Steve bet me that I would not be able to be surprised by the baby’s gender.

So when the doc asked if we were wanting to find out gender, we said no.  Hours later, it occurred to me that the dude was going to make a guess.  I mean, he was looking at the brain and the heart… so he could probably figure out what the parts were going develop into.

So I passed the test!  Plus, I figured out that it sort of drives other people crazy not to know those things, so I’m getting some perverse pleasure in keeping things secret.

I think all of you crafty types will appreciate the fun challenge in going gender neutral with baby decor & other items.  Since I’m not a green girl, that leaves me with yellow… and of course, gray!  I’m not entirely sure Steve realizes that I’ve been slowly collecting fabric for this endeavor for the past year or so…  We hadn’t had “the talk” until around August, but you know that fabric comes & goes quickly, so I’ve been buying up what I like while it was readily available.

So I’ll definitely be sharing those projects along the way.  Kit will also be getting my crafty room, which will be relocated into our guest bedroom.  Everything will have its place, we just need to rearrange a bit, along with some purging.

Also, I’m hoping that the 2nd trimester will mean I’m less sleepy!  Falling asleep immediately after eating dinner every night doesn’t leave much time for sewing…  I only managed some binding, bee blocks, and 2 pillow shams in the last 2 months – all done on the weekends, lol!

4 comments to Baby Kit

  • So exciting!!! We kept the surprise for our second baby. It was a lot of fun! Hard, but fun. :) To give you an idea of how tough it was for me: my husband didn’t trust me during the ultrasound to not look, so he actually put a hat over my face so I couldn’t peek. 😛

  • Nichole

    Congrats on the kiddo on the way! I recently gave birth to a baby boy whose gender was also a surprise. I have a grey and yellow nursery too! My pregnancy was definitely the main reason for my lack of blogging and craftiness in 2011. I hope you’re able to be more productive than I was! :)

  • How did I miss the rebus?? Congratulations!! I was due with Jaxon in early July, and we didn’t know the sex either! Yay!!! Can’t wait to see what you make for the kit!

  • Kristen

    Just stumbled across your blog when looking for quilt inspiration. Congrats on baby! I’m 19 weeks (due June 5) I know how you feel. As for me, I can’t wait to find out gender in a few weeks!

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