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While We’re Talking Names…

…let me tell you a little about hurricane names.  This isn’t just a crafty blog, folks.  It’s also a brain dump of random info from yours truly.

According to NOAA, the list of hurricane names rotates every 6 years.

However, in the event that a hurricane is extra nasty and has a bunch of negative connotations, the name is retired and replaced in the list.  Prime example: there will never be another Katrina.  Thank goodness!

I’m going to take an educated guess that Irene will be retired after this year.

Michelle was retired in 2001.  Per NOAA, “Michelle was the strongest hurricane to hit Cuba since Hurricane Fox in October 1952.”

So a Hurricane Michelle Fox would be BAD. NEWS. BEARS. to the people of Cuba.  I’m really not sure what that says about me…

Strangely enough, Michelle was replaced with Melissa on the name list.  Melissa is inevitably what I’m called when people can’t quite remember my name.

Go forth & spread the random knowledge!

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