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Minion’s Quilt

Warning: no photos in this post to protect the innocent: my friend Jöelle.  She’s 20 weeks preggo with “Minion,” a baby girl. (Minion apparently has something to do with Megamind, but as I haven’t seen that movie yet, I’ll have to take dad Gabo’s word that the nickname is funny.)

I showed a preview of the start of the quilt top a bit ago, and I spent this weekend working on the rest of the top.  I was feeling itchy to sew; I had sent my machine to a spa retreat, and just got her back on Friday.

Anyway, you can see the top (with more details) over in my Flickr stream.  I’m going to use this print for the backing.  I’m thinking minimal quilting, to keep it somewhat soft & flexible.

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  • I popped over to your flickr stream, and it looks great. That gray and white print is perfect for the design. Can’t wait to see the finished version.

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