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…it’s not hot here.

Y’all are welcome to visit.

Even if the temp cranks up, I’ll have Steve blow up the pool floaties for you.  And by 4pm, the pool is usually pretty shaded.

On a related note, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have heat stroke while in Nebraska next weekend for my SIL’s wedding.  I haven’t really “enjoyed” the full effect of a Midwest summer since 2004.  Seven years is a long time, friends… I’m no longer acclimated.  My hair is going to freak & frizz, I’m going to sweat buckets (especially in the heavy poly satin floor-length bridesmaid dress), my allergies will be nutso from the corn pollen… in short, I’ll be a disaster.  Combined with all of the drama surrounding a wedding, I’m fairly certain those are going to be the longest 4 days EVER!

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  • ScooterMama

    Hmmmm…….maybe we should fly to your house next week and babysit……we are both on vacation

  • I hear yah! I’m going to be heading back to good ole Nebraska next Friday and will be staying for three weeks. Fun, right! My parents central air better not decide to take a break, because I won’t feel bad ditching them for a cooler home. At least I’m sort of used to the heat and humidity. It’s been hot in NY and its going to be topping out 100 tomorrow, with the humidity close to the same. I already look like a poodle…not my idea of a good look for me…and I’m stuck with ponytails and tons of clips to keep my bangs in check. In short, I’m a mess.
    Have fun at the wedding. Avoid the flooding if you can.

  • Color me jealous. It’s 100+ in DC and so gross. Southern CA sounds delightful right about now. Good luck in Nebraska. I think they’ve said that the “heat dome” is moving east so hopefully you’ll avoid the worst of it…

  • Joelle

    Good to hear you’re keeping a positive perspective for next week! 😛

  • UGH, we’re looking at 95 today — and it’s so humid that when I get out of bed at 7 AM our very-well-indulated, double-pane windows have condensation on the outside!

  • Bless your little hearts. We’ve been baking anywhere between 102 and 106 for month(s?) now. I think Oklahoma is pretty much the worst in the nation according to most of the media. It feels like an oven when you walk outside (which I don’t). And I’m pretty sure one of the local reporters tried frying an egg on the sidewalk and it worked in a matter of so many minutes. Right now I am not a fan of Oklahoma.

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