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Hey, Mr. Fedex Man

Well, Fedex is usually a man, but sometimes a woman… but anyway, the Fedex person is going to pick up my SIL Karissa’s wedding gift quilt today to send to Margaret @ Mainely Quilts of Love.

I was sewing right up to the time I gave myself to shower before Steve and I left to go see a movie last night.

Thus, no actual photos of the 96″ jumbo queen quilt, since I didn’t have enough time to pull together another crazy photo shoot.

But here is a mock-up of the top:

Each block is 24″.  Idea is copied from Darci’s Lotus Squares quilt, except that I decided to keep the center squares as only one print.  Block layout by Steve.  I was having difficulty with it, since I had limited myself to 4 prints on the outer squares.  But yes, we both find the symmetry to be pleasing to the eyes that feed our analytical minds.

There’s only 144 pieces in the top, but it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake to sew.  It’s kind of difficult to square up 24.5″ unfinished blocks when your longest ruler is 24″.  So I fudged a bit, and it turned out OK.

And the backing:

I had the crazy idea to one big square-in-a-square-in-a-square for the backing, but I cut the center square too small – a mere 24″ instead of the 32″ I had intended.  Seriously, can you blame me for getting messed up with my math in my head? So I sized it up to 32″ using some Free Spirit designer linen in turquoise that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago (from Quilt Home??) on a whim to see what I thought.  The verdict: I LIKE this fabric a lot.  Worth the cost.  Sews up nicely and I love the texture.

I can’t wait to see this quilted!  The ivory squares are going to get some fun treatment, while the busy prints are going to be a simpler all-over pattern.

However, I’m not excited for nearly 400″ of binding.  I think it will be scrappy, so I don’t have to buy any more fabric.

Any ideas on a better name than “Parisville Squares”?  I’m definitely in the non-creative naming camp.  Other ideas:  “Most. Expensive. Wedding. Gift. Ever.”  (*cough* not to mention how much we are spending to fly to Omaha, stay in a hotel for 3 nights so we don’t go crazy at Steve’s parent’s house, bridesmaid dress/hair/nails, tux rental, and bachelor/bachelorette nonsense *cough*) or “Now I Have to be Nice to Michelle” or “Brownie Points Quilt” or… yada, yada, yada.

Now I need to make 2 flower girl baskets & 1 ring bearer pillow.  And 2 pillowcases to go with the quilt for a shower gift.  But seriously, I can’t let her buy the crappy overpriced (and often ugly) stuff they sell in the stores.  Even if I am spending more money.  *sigh*

Thank goodness my other SIL won’t be engaged & wedded for quite a while.  I have a feeling I’m going to be anti-wedding for a while once July 30th has passed…

3 comments to Hey, Mr. Fedex Man

  • it looks awesome! and huge :) I can’t wait to see how it looks all quilted up. As for a name, what about something like “arrondissements” or something about Paris neighborhoods, like the Marais?? I don’t know, i suck at names, but something should refer to Paris!

  • Love it! What a great gift to give – they’ll treasure it. For the name…what’s french for money? L’argent?

  • ScooterMama

    I think you should call it Claudie!

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