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One Thousand Forty-One

That’s the number of pieces in the Flutterby quilt top.  I really wish I had used a dedicated spool of thread so I knew how much is in this 92” behemoth of a quilt.  Mental note for next time, I guess.

There’s also no easy way to take a photo of it either – this is the camera on a tripod, using the 10-second timer (with me running up to grab the right side of the quilt.  Oh, and Steve and I are standing on chairs so it doesn’t touch the ground.


I’m also entering this in Sarah and Cara’s Naked Bed Challenge:


I thought about attaching 4” borders, but this is already plenty big for our pillowtop queen bed.  Now to figure out how I want this quilted, what batting to use, and get it sent out.  And then 370” of binding to attach & hand stitch to the back.

Quick stats:

Size of Quilt: 92″ square
Pieces: 1041
Pattern: Original Design (as blogged here)
Fabric: Tula Pink’s Flutterby collection
Started: sometime in 2008
Finished: May 30, 2011

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