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11 Days Later

I finally figured out how to the the “And the Winner Is” plugin for WordPress.

Anywho, Kelly (a 3×6 bee buddy) is the winner of the barn quilt block pillow per the plugin:

BUT because there were so few entries (*sniff sniff*), I’m going to email everyone who commented and they will eventually get a little gifty from me.

I say eventually because I’m trying to get two (yes, that’s right…2) 96″ quilt tops + backings completed so I can send them to be quilted ASAP.

3 comments to 11 Days Later

  • that is awesome!!! thank you sooo so so much!
    I’m emailing you now ;)

  • So generous…and so busy! Two 96″ quilt tops???

    Don’t forget about Pattern Pact — you could count your own pattern for this month!!

  • Crazy…how did I miss your giveaway? I haven’t been getting comments lately either, makes me wonder if blogger is being mean to me, or I’ve lost the interest of my readers!?!

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