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Bee Blocks & Swap Update

A quick update for quilting bee blocks…

One Block Over

April – Andie’s Maverick Star block:


May – Amy’s Japanese + and X block (this was super easy to make, Amy already had the pieces cut out for us – I wish she would have sent fabric for 2 blocks!):


And finally, Victoria, a One Block Over bee buddy, is putting together a fun signature quilt, so I sewed this up pretty quick for her, opting for the brighter end of her blue/navy/pink/red/tan color request:


A Notion or Two

April – Meagan’s cathedral windows:


May – Jenny’s Hexagon block:


Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Leila requested a medium-large pouch to hold cross-stitch supplies.  I used Keyka Lou’s Ditty Bag pattern and added a pocket on the inside per Leila’s request.  Per some flickr stalking, I determined Leila seems to like patchwork, so I used a Kokka cheater print FQ that I had from my stash from momen+.  This bag was pretty fun to make, and I think it turned out really cute – Leila should be able to get a 7” hoop inside, so it’s reasonable large.  It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the back is flat, but the top of the bag has some darts on the corners, so it bubbles up a bit. 

0511 Crafty

I think this could be an amazing cosmetic bag if you lined it with a laminate of some type.  I’m definitely a new fan of the Keyka Lou bags – I also purchased the Camera Case wristlet and am going to see if this will work as a cute little bag to tote around for Karissa’s wedding this summer.

1 comment to Bee Blocks & Swap Update

  • you have been super productive! i just bought keyka lou’s bracelet bag pattern and can’t wait to use it (in a couple months when I have access to a machine again…)

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