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Moving On…

Ok, I’m done with the discussion for now.  I was quite a bit refreshed that there was actually an emotion related to a quilting/craft blog that wasn’t 100% ooey-gooey sunshiney goodness.  I’m not entirely sure what everyone is afraid of, but it IS ok to have a differing opinion.  For me, that’s the beauty of living in these United States.  However, I guess I am thankful most people prefer to keep their negative thoughts internalized – it’s certainly more polite.

So back to the sunshine!  Except not in SoCal – we are having an honest-to-goodness normal spring (by the rest of the country’s standards) – rain, cool temps, crazy pollen levels.  It’s been really nice.  I’m ready for the jacarandas to bloom.  I’m also trying to figure out a day to go up with my photog buddy to shoot the poppies.

Cold, rainy days = much-needed sewing time.  I caught up on all of my bee blocks yesterday.

First, all 6 of the 3×6 Bee blocks for this quarter.  I’ve been mulling over this graphic for a while now, and decided to do something about it. 


So I carved out a bit that I thought I could make into a manageable 12” block.  I very nearly made the block as 4 separate 6.5” blocks, but at the last minute, figured out that I could actually cut 1 piece for the center area, rather than piecing it all together.  The bonus part? I only had to sew 4 seams (rather than 7) for each block.

I did make a much larger practice block to test out my idea:


I’ve been wanting a couple of new 20” pillows on my couch.  There’s a zipper on the back, so I can pull out the insert and wash the cover if I need to.  One down, one more pillow to go.

Since the pillow went well, I felt pretty good with the execution of the blocks:

3x6 Bee Blocks - Q1 2011 - Beehive 1

My favorite is the one in the bottom right – froggylegs is making a Superman themed quilt for her son.  Red/yellow/blue is such a classic color combo!

I also pieced together Victoria’s block for One Block Over.


You can read more about it on the OBO blog.

And finally, a red & aqua spiderweb block for Sarah for the A Notion or Two bee.

A Notion or Two - March - Sarah

All said, not too shabby for the weekend’s work!

And speaking of VQBs…make sure you go check out Jessica’s finished quilt for Pieced Together! I love how it turned out, and really think it looks nice without any sashing.  The block I made for her is the one in the lower left corner.

3 comments to Moving On…

  • I love your 3×6 blocks (curved piecing is on my too-learn list). Did you paper piece them?

  • Great blocks, Michelle! I love your curved blocks…they would make a gorgeous quilt.

  • I have nothing intelligent to add on the simple / challenging discussion – but I completely agree with you that it’s lovely to see some passion in the pages!!! Quilters can be a very sunshiney lot.

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