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Sewing Fitness

I honestly had no idea… but between all of the cutting & ironing I did on Sunday, I gave my right tricep quite the workout.  I struggled doing the tri extension machine at the gym on Monday, and ended up only using my left arm, the right one couldn’t hack it.  I couldn’t believe it – nothing like that has ever happened before (mostly due to the fact I don’t lift weights unless Steve is around to motivate me)!

Of course, I’m not the slighest bit able to use my left hand/arm for even the simplest task, let alone something as precise as cutting fabric from a pattern…so I can’t really hope to get a balanced arm workout with this little hobby of mine.

2 comments to Sewing Fitness

  • Maybe you should lift weights with the left while you iron with the right! ;-)

  • You must have done A LOT of cutting and ironing! Or you just have a heavy iron. I have been trying to cut with my left hand to be more ambidextrous – it’s tough but fun to try. Hang in there!

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