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October is here!

So this past Monday was the hottest day EVER (of all days since tracking began of such things) in Los Angeles.  113 degrees is pretty much miserable.  It hasn’t really been hot all summer, and then WHAM!  Heat smack as soon as the calendar officially says fall!  There are several reasons to live in LA, but 113 degree temps is not one of them!  It’s cooled back down to the 80s now…but there has been some rain & thunderstorms in SoCal.  I love this photo taken by Mike Meadows of the AP on September 29th:


The black dot in the rainbow is a helicopter…not sure I’d want to be flying around in that!

On Saturday, I went with the girls to the MAC Venomous Villians makeup event @ South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  I’m not one to wear eye makeup (usually adding mascara ends up being the extent of my more made up face)…but sometimes it’s fun to get the drama eyes going at 11am:


Unfortunately, my eyes were feeling pretty itchy by about 7pm last night, so I found the makeup remover and I’m back to my normal face.  Not sure if I’m allergic to something in the makeup or not – good thing I only bought the nail polish!  The polish is apparently going for decent bucks on ebay, maybe I’ll put up one of them to see what I can get!

I’ve also been doing a little planning for Steve’s birthday party.  We had went to Oktoberfest @ Alpine village last weekend, and it has gotten harder to bear over the years.  $10 cover to get in, way too noisy & crowded and the food isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.  It’s not fun paying $13 for a brat, so-so potatoes, and a can of diet Coke (they used to serve RC cola, which was a fun treat)… oh, and I usually volunteer myself to DD, so all of the above really made it not so fun.  Steve and I were both feeling pretty disappointed about Alpine Village, so we decided to do an Oktoberfest themed birthday party for Steve at the end of October. 

Only I have to put my little spin on it:


We are attempting to make real/fresh sauerkraut, and also are going to grill up some brats, serve warm potato salad (yummy!), and I’m thinking about blackberry cupcakes for dessert.  I need to get a t-shirt printed for Steve and another made up for a door prize.  October 30th can’t come soon enough, this should be a fun party!

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