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I Think Sew

I think I can keep sewing… 2 things down off my immediate to do list…

First, I finished my mini-quilt for the Modify Tradition Swap.

And in true “Michelle’s a Ding Dong” fashion, I’m pretty sure I wrote “Modern Tradition Swap” on the back for a label.  D’OH!


But since I can’t seem to get past the Interlaced Star pattern, I went for it again.  This time, I tried piecing using tracing paper, which made it heckuva lot easier to paper piece & rip off later…however, tracing paper curls when it meets hot iron.  So…not sure I’ve found the best solution for the paper piecing that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg (and is the proper size).

I think the quilting is pretty fun (if not pretty time consuming) – each little section is quilted with echo triangles.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good photo of the back on my DSLR (which I’m stuck w/this weekend, the little camera is touristing DC with Steve).


And better late than never, I finished my first ever Dresden plate for my Facebook VQB.  Actually, part of the delay was that I decided I needed the Easy Dresden Ruler (link is to the seller I purchased from, very happy w/the transaction).  I’m glad I bought it, I think this was a fun process!  BTW – I followed Elizabeth’s instructions on SMS, down to how she did the circle applique in the middle – super easy!

And I need to give a HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who answered my plea for fabric help – you came through in a big way, and I’m actually sending almost a gallon ziploc full of extra fabric with the block (because I’m sure as heck not going to use it either).


3 comments to I Think Sew

  • I love the quilting on the interlaced star — it makes it such a standout mini-quilt!

    Go you on the Dresden plate! I spy the one piece of fabric I could muster in those colors :)

  • So glad I’m not the only one who ALWAYS writes Modern Tradition instead of Modify….!

    Gorgeous quilt – you’ve got a lucky partner!!

  • The interlaced star block is so cool! It looks amazing as a mini quilt!

    The dresden plate looks great, although it is not my ideal color scheme (ahem). The cardinal in the middle is a nice touch :)

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