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Seeking Opinions

So my month for PTQB is coming up in May, and I have a giant pile of pink & orange fabrics I’m planning to send out.  The problem is that I think I have too many fabrics:

13 Flea Market Fancy prints (all at least a FQ)
8 Hope Valley prints (Fiesta colorway – a yard each)
12 assorted Heather Ross + Munki Munki prints (various sizes)


I do really like Denyse Schmidt & Heather Ross prints together, they seem to work well with each other.  I don’t have a specific block in mind, just the possibility that they may be used in a baby quilt for a friend – so I’m imagining I’ll get back a variety of blocks.  I am going to ask a block design that can be set on point…if I end up making a quilt bigger than a baby quilt, I could use some blocks of the fabrics as setting blocks in between the bee blocks – but which fabrics??

So…would you eliminate some of the prints?  How many should I send out?  Sizes?

5 comments to Seeking Opinions

  • OMG, this would make and AMAZING string quilt!! I think you should go totally scrappy!

  • Sorry, Michelle, I’m not sure that I have any great advice for you other than to say that you really can’t go wrong with any of these prints. I love how DS and HR mix.

  • Oh whoa. I am no help whatsoever because I, too, love all of them. Love love love them. What awesome colors!

  • These fabrics are totally calling out for a string quilt…like this one (

  • Hard choices!! And the sad part… lyou have to cut them up to send them out! LOL!! I dunno… i think i would probably go with the hope valley (since you have a yard of each) , and throw in the gold FMF on the left, and the gold Munki, and incorporate white or off white for sashing or contrast in your blocks. I can totally see them as a string quilt or spiderweb too… but that doesnt really highlight some of those awesome prints – lol – so save them for later! 😀

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