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Doll Quilt Swap #8

It’s been a week since I sent off my mini for the Doll Quilt Swap #8.  I haven’t heard from my partner yet whether they liked it…or even received it.  That person will get to me in due time, I suppose.  I haven’t received mine either – the post office better not have screwed anything up!  Maybe it’s coming from overseas???

It’s taken me a week to even blog or post photos due to some computer drama – Windows 7 Beta trial expired, we went back to Vista & remembered how bad it sucks, and took a couple of days to find a reasonably priced student version of Windows 7 to buy and install (Steve still has access to his USC email, even though he’s not been a student for nearly a year now).

Anywho, here is what I sent out:

I’ve been wanting to make an entire quilt similar to the block I did for Edith for PTQB.  I decided to change it a bit though, and not have a raw edge on the mock cathedral windows.  Rather, I sewed 2 circles right sides together (cut using this nifty little tool), cut a small slit in the pattern side near the edge, and flipped it right sides out.  Then began the somewhat tedious process of sewing all the circles together, and finally, sewing down the flaps.  Naturally, I waited to the bulk of the work the week before I was supposed to mail it out, but it all got done on time.

I’m mostly satisfied with how it turned out.  I had fun going through my stash to find 25 different fabrics that met my partner’s preferences for teals, greens, greys, yellow, eggplant.  Surprised the heck out of me that I have a ton of green in my stash, because as a general rule, I’m not a fan of green on myself or in my home decor.  I just had to reverse one of the circles using some Hope Valley as the “background” color, putting the Kona gray in the “window.”

I don’t think I would construct it this way again though- I think I like the idea of the raw edge better, it would be less layers, plus no distortion from the circles being turned right sides out (even though I did clip my curves, maybe not enough?).

Confession time: the seams met together in some funky ways, so I bought these little felty-type buttons @ Joanns to cover up that awkwardness.  But I think it added to the cuteness of the quilt too.

I always forget how heavy even the smallest quilt can be, this one no exception, even sans batting.  If I thought there was a prayer’s chance in hell of me being able to sew a large-size version without much issues with the seams, I would go for it.  But I think there would be a lot of seam ripping, and I don’t have the stamina for that!  It would make a great summer-weight quilt though. :)

PS – If you click the photo above, I tried valiantly to identify each of the fabrics used in my Flickr photostream.

5 comments to Doll Quilt Swap #8

  • Barb

    Michelle – it is beautiful! I adore all of the different fabrics, but my favourite is the Hope Valley reverse blocks. And the buttons are adorable. I’m sure your partner loves it!

  • It’s beautiful — and so impressive, cathedral windows intimidate me. I bet your partner is going to love it!

  • I LOVE the buttons! It gives it so much personality!

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are perfect and this is such a fun vintage quilt design. Beautiful job!

  • Super cute! And I especially love those felt buttons — I’m going to have to look for those the next time I am at JoAnn’s. And I’m going to have to sign up for the next doll quilt swap. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, and I’m ready!

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