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Teal Time Tuesday

Or Teal/Turquoise Tour Twenty Ten (2010 or Two-Oh-Ten)… or the blog post where I talk in Ts because I’m being a turd.  Had enough yet?  Yeah, maybe me too.

We basically took all of last week to finish up the teal/turquoise cabinets in the kitchen… I did all of the painting, but Steve put on the new hinges & hung the doors back up (and nothing quite lined up, so he created a total of 48 holes to attach the hinges to the doors, and also had to create some new holes in the cabinets to make it all work).


I opted for white hinges, which I thought made sense given that we will be applying a fresh coat of white to the top cabinets, and I’m OK with the hinges blending in a bit.


And what good is working for a furniture company if I can’t take advantage of being able to buy @ cost?  Actually, most of our furniture isn’t quite my style, so the bar stools are the first things I’ve ordered.  The shipping cost me almost as much as the stools, and overall cheaper than buying just one from a retailer.


And  I was super stoked to find a teal bowl set & the utensil crock on SALE at the Targhetto by work.  Plus a teal carafe.  Nice to continue the theme for the house warming party we threw this past weekend.


The aftermath of the party – most of the food was gone, which was great!


And one last tealy picture – plastic adirondack chairs from Lowes sitting in front of the newly trimmed hibiscus.  (And mom, do you see the hummer feeder??  I saw @ least 2 different hummers using it on Sunday, and it’s really interesting to watch because they are actually able to sit still and drink – now to try to get a photo…)


8 comments to Teal Time Tuesday

  • I need those stools for my bar area. Seriously, do we share a brain? My kitchen looks very much like yours….

  • Serious teal-y wonderfulness.

  • It looks wonderful!! I just love it!

  • Love it!

    And I’m saying “aught 10”

  • Targhetto. That just made me laugh. I’m sure that’s gonna creep into my vocab in no time. I’ll tell everyone it’s from my hip Cali friend with the teal kitchen. Targhetto…

  • ScooterMama

    I’ll be waiting for the hummingbird pictures!
    The teal looks great……color is good!

  • I love your teal kitchen! The cabinets look so good! If we weren’t locked into green because of our countertops, I would totally be converting everything to teal this year. I almost bought those bowls and utensil holders in green this weekend, too.

    Good luck getting a photo of the elusive hummingbird! I have a running joke with my mom that she’s just imagining that she’s seeing hummingbirds at her feeder because every time she “sees” one and I walk over to look at it too, it’s never there :)

  • Love, love, love the teal. And I really like the shape of the stools you ordered.
    On to the next project! Keep up the great work!

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