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An Oldie but a Goodie

As part of the move, some of our less sturdy plastic storage bins didn’t survive without cracks.  Including my box of memorabilia, most of it from high school.  So I bought a sturdier but smaller Rubbermaid box, and set out to see what I could purge and what I couldn’t part with.

This is most definitely a treasure I would never part with, and it will not be further relegated to a folded life in a box in the attic.


It’s a satin baby blanket, that was made for my father by my great-grandmother.  And I guess in those days, they didn’t know the sex of the baby, because the binding & entire back is a pretty pink shade.

It was passed down to me, as the first-born child of my dad.

The embroidery is also a bit girly:


So this was made in the mid-50s, and entirely hand quilted, because they did not do such heathenness things as machine quilting back then…  Just look at those feathers!!


The stitches are crazy tiny and perfect.  Well, almost perfect – there are a couple of spots where you can see the marking lines, lol!


And I find myself a bit stunned at how much more I appreciate this little quilt, now that I’ve done a bit of it myself.

Thank you, Great Grandma Gibbs.  And I’ll be sure to pass it down to my not-yet-conceived first-born, though I’m not sure I could bear to actually use it – not sure if I want to find out how a babe could demolish such a treasure.

2 comments to An Oldie but a Goodie

  • Pink used to be associated with boys (although way before this was made):

    Either way it is stunning — and I know what you man about appreciation. I used to turn my nose up at very traditional quilts until I started quilting. Now I understand the artistry and skill that goes into ANY quilt!

  • what a sweet sweet quilt and a great family heirloom! You definitely should be taking that out of the box for good.

    I got your letter last week! Unfortunately it was ripped open and the fabric was missing…lucky post office worker :)

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