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Favorite Fabrics 2009

I have yet to devote a blog post to the Top Whatevers of 2009, so thank goodness True Up is helping out by giving me some discussion ideas for my votes for Favorite Fabrics of 2009.  Here goes it:

Michelle’s Favorite Fabrics of 2009

Warning, I have issues narrowing done my favorites to just one… :)

Favorite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection
I think it’s unfair to pick just one…  I’m trying to think what I bought the most of, which I think was Zippity Doo Dah to send out for my PTQB blocks. 
And I’m not sure I can count Little Folks, since I haven’t actually seen it in real life yet (but very very soon, hubs got me a FQ bundle of the entire line for xmas, but he ordered it a bit late in the game)…but it did come out in 2009, so maybe that’s it. 

Or Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt…still waiting on some that I preordered, I’m hoping some of it will arrive this week! 

But I would be remiss if I forgot to mention Neptune & Hushabye, both from Tula Pink.

None of these really have anything in common except that I love them all, lol!


Favorite Under the Radar/Sleeper Collection
Darceyby Anna Griffin – I almost didn’t get my hands on any of this fabric before it disappeared almost entirely.  And since I haven’t seen a lot of floating around in blogland photos, I would say its under the radar.  Heck, I didn’t even know about it until Colleen sent it out with her PTQB fabrics. 


Favorite New Designer

Momofor Moda – both Wonderland and Odyssea are brilliant!

odysea-hangtag    wonderland_hangtag


Favorite Digitally Printed Fabric

Mine! Lol…

In all seriousness, I think sites like Spoonflower are so great.  Now we all can be fabric designers!


Biggest Fabric World Story/News

Come back to us, Heather!  I wanna stop paying crazy prices for gnomes!


Favorite Geometric Print

Darcey zigzag.


Favorite Novelty Print

I don’t know if this counts as novelty, but I loved the Alexander Henry owls that came out this year.  The angry owl cracks me up!



Favorite Floral Print

Again, Wonderland comes up.  Not sure what this print was called, but I love the scale and how many different things are crammed into the scene.


Favorite Solid

Kona Snow, ’nuff said.

Favorite Trend (Colors)

I’m sure I’m off the mark compared to most others, but I’m still dying over the pink/orange/little bit of yellow combos.  Trying to decide what to use for the curtains in my crafty room, kinda want them to coordinate (or at least not clash horribly with the Sherbet quilt).  It needs to be home dec width, any suggestions are welcome!



Favorite Fabric Shop

Again, can’t pick a favorite, but in the past couple of months I’ve specifically ordered from Whipstitch Fabrics and Quilted Treasures, because they offer fat quarters & bundles.  Kudos also go out to Hawthorne Threads (seriously, have you seen their color tool?? Amazing!!!).  And Jody from The Fabric Shoppe is fabulous (obvs, she spells shop with a ‘pe’ on the end)!
Favorite Overall Designer

Tula won my heart last year (and Flutterby is still one of my all-time fav fabric lines), but AMH might have got it this year (Good Folks & Little Folks).  Can’t do it…I just refuse.

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