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Turning Twelve

I’m sure all you quilters have seen some of the Turning Twenty quilts made from the books by Tricia Cribbs.  Basically, they seem to be simple patterns using fat quarters (20 of them, in fact).  Well, I’m too lazy to order the original book from anywhere other than Amazon, and it’s all out of stock there.

So I thought about it logically.  The pattern is a square & 2 rectangles for each block – check out this amazing one made with Amy Butler fabrics for an example.  And it uses a FQ, right?  And one would want to maximize the use of the fabric, right?  So taking into account that a FQ is 18″ wide, the logical block size would be 16″ finished, 16.5″ unfinished, or 17″ taking into account seam allowances for 2 blocks.  Perfect, it leaves you with a tiny bit of leftover in case your FQ is not cut nicely.

Alrighty, now we’re on a roll…  So one block is a square and the rectangles appear to be the same width.  And I like even numbers, so I’m gonna shoot for a 10″ square block.  Which means that the small rectangle will be 6″ x 10″, whilst the big rectangle will be 6″ x 16″ (all finished sizes of course).  Of course, you could also do an 11″ square with 5″ widths on the rectangles, but 11″ is just too weird for me.

So the cutting measurements end up being:

10.5″ x 10.5″
6.5″ x 10.5″
6.5″ x 16.5″

After all of that, you’ve cut 17″ of the length of your FQ, and depending on the fabric and cut, should have anywhere up to 4″ (maybe 5″) by width of the fabric left of your FQ to use for a border (per the original pattern, seen here on the AB quilt).  Or in my case, I’m going with 2.5″ binding strips, supplemented with a little extra fabric.

And since I know y’all are visual people, here is my Excel cutting diagram:


Now, I’m not quite ready to do a Turning Twenty because 20 FQs = 5 yards of fabric = 1 helluva big quilt, so I decided to try my math on a Turning Twelve.  Ooh, look at me, such a rebel!!

Add in a dash of 11 FQs of the black & cream prints only of Authentic (this bundle less the 5 FQs with the greenish color) procured from Quilted Treasures plus a FQ of muslin, and VIOLA:


Once quilted, it will fill this huge empty space on the wall in my living room, until I decide I can’t NOT sit under 48″ x 64″ of quilted goodness and I have something else to replace it with on the wall space.


And seriously, it took me all of 6 episodes of Sex and the City or approximately 3 hours from start to finished top.  Super fast, and that’s working pretty slow (gotta get my groove back, ya know?).

2 comments to Turning Twelve

  • Hey there, smartypants, I for one am very impressed. And I decided to stick with round 2 of PTQB after all, since some of the ones who never mailed mine back won’t be returning and that means I should have a better success rate with making a quilt, right? :)

  • Renae

    THANK YOU! I have lost my copy (in my room – the quilting gremlins got it) of Turning Twenty Just Got Better. I just needed the measurements. I will find the book (or repurchase it); however, I’m on a deadline to finish this in three days (yes, I’m a procrastinator).


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