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People of Target

Have you seen the People of Walmart website?  Hysterical!  Particularly for me – if you knew my high school self, you would know that I worked at the hell that is known as Walmart.  Seriously, it wasn’t fun for me – I spent my whole first summer being called “Amanda” by one of the cashier supervisors.  You know, because she was INCAPABLE OF READING MY NAME TAG WHICH CLEARLY SAID “MICHELLE.”  Among the other snarky things that happened to me…  That being said, my lil bro works at a Walmart, and doesn’t appear to find it that bad – probably because he doesn’t get worked up over little stupid things quite like I do.

Anywho, I don’t go to Walmart in the LA metro area because they are generally truly horrible…instead, I frequent Target, especially the one near my work.  (I do feel compelled to hit up Wally World whenever I’m back in the Midwest, though.)

And while I have yet to witness some people as bizarre as those made infamous on People of Walmart, Target has it’s fair share of the crazy.

Thus, I feel it is my duty to share with you…and as soon as I get an iPhone, I can supplement these stories with pictures.

The following came from my visit today…

Dear 30-something chick:
It’s not advisable to wear a white linen mini skirt with a blue thong underneath.  Unless, of course, you have some sort of compulsion to have everyone to stare at the ba-donka-donk…because then you succeeded.

Dear Obviously Wealthy Couple (who looks out of place, btw):
Don’t get mad at the Target people when they won’t let you bring your Irish Setter, which is obviously not a service dog, into the store.  Health code violations abound.  Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean the Target people are stupid and will bend the rules for you.  Plus, it’s a dog…it doesn’t need to ride around in a shopping cart, even if they did allow you to bring it in the store.

Happy Tuesday!

3 comments to People of Target

  • Jim

    Oh, I think you’ve got me wrong on that one. I’m generally not a fan of my job, but I’m also not a fan of putting any leg-work into finding a better one. The only thing that gets me through are my co-workers. It’s really an us against them type of deal. Otherwise, some of the “skills” I’ve picked up there are not ideal. I can bs to a person like a pro. I can apologize for days when a customer has a complaint, but then think “maybe that cashier would act better if they were paid a non-insulting wage.”

    Anyways, right now I vow to have Walton’s Mart pay for a lot of my schooling, then not continue on with the company. I would also like to sit down quite a few people, and inject them with truth serum, and find out how they really feel. I assume most of the low-wage people would say things suck, many supervisors would have a few constructive criticisms. I wonder how many salaried people would see the company for what it is?

    So I guess my summation is, I’m not a fan, but their offenses are not horrible enough for me to leave. I could think of worse things to do, and I like my fellow CSMs. But the rest (like me not having health insurance all this year because of a limited sign-up period) can pretty much go to hell.

  • Sam

    Have you noticed there are more and more people who want to bring their animals everywhere? Come on. They don’t need to go to Target. Really. Plus you put your dog in the cart, which I don’t know how clean your dog is, in a place where I might put my food products. Okay – sorry- had to rant too. :)

  • Elizabeth

    Those of us who have to have service dogs are incensed by those who are not disabled taking their snarly little darlings everywhere they shouldn’t! My service dog had 2 solid years of training before I ever got her. I had to go to a training camp for 2 weeks and then fill out monthly reports regarding her behavior and her response to cues and any new tasks I’ve taught her to do. She has to go every year for Public Access Recertification Testing (intensive and stressful). Seeing people bring non-service dogs and other animals with them where they shouldn’t just really grates on my last nerve!

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