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Summer in the City

I know it’s August, and summer is starting to draw to a close in a lot of places, school is starting up soon, etc. etc.  However, in LA, it will continue to get hotter thru the next month, and probably won’t cool off again til October.


And in honor of what’s left of summer, I did a little bit of fun (and competitive) sewing today.

Y’all know how interested I am in the new Moda fabric collection Authentic by Sweetwater, right?  Well, they decided to have a lil contest based on a cute flower table runner pattern they designed with an Authentic jelly roll as a prize.  Just make your own version of the table runner.

Ok, I’m in!  Especially since that jelly would be a nice compliment to the charm pack I just got in the mail!  lol :)  And in the spirit of unfriendly competition, I don’t encourage any of you to enter.  Because I’m sure your creations will be way more fabulous than mine, and I REALLY want to win this jelly. ♥ hehehe…


So I decided to cut into some of my Summer in the City fabrics, and make this very happy table runner.  And it doesn’t look too bad…from a distance! 😉  I sew best with 90° angles, so the hexagons and flower petals proved a bit challenging.  I altered the pattern just a bit – I decided to satin stitch the stripey centers, rather than edge stitch.  And then I tacked down the flowers to the table run by following the outline of the center hexies, I was too tired to battle with trying to follow the lines of the petals.


Here’s the worse part – in all honesty, I don’t know what to do with it now.  I would leave it on my kitchen/dining table, but that’s where I cut fabrics & iron, so there’s no room (I had to clear the table just to take the photos!).  I told Steve that if we ever get our own place and I get my own sewing space, the kitchen table would go back to serving it’s original function, and I would put the runner on the table then.  But for now, it has no home… 


On a completely random side note (how stereotypically me!), I sent this recipe over to Steve the other day.  We had to venture over to Whole Foods to find quinoa (in the bulk grains bins).  And you know what?  It was yummy!  Especially served with the veggies from the grill (though more peppers next time Steve! Please!).  The only mod Steve and I decided on was to add a bit of chopped up chunks of cooked chicken – the quinoa felt a little too much like a side dish.  Whole Foods sells a yummy margarita mix as well – went nicely with the Patron we picked up at the BevMo that just opened up in Manhattan Beach, which is so much closer than the one in Torrance.  Steve’s excited – that is the perfect shopping complex for him now, with BevMo, REI, Trader Joes, and B&N all together in one place.

And now it’s onward to the week ahead.  I’m a single gal for 10 days as of 5am on Wednesday when I drop Steve and his 50 lb. pack of camping gear off at the airport, so I will make sure to tally how much girlie stuff I get done while I rule the roost any way I see fit.  Adieu, friends!

5 comments to Summer in the City

  • I love Summer in the City! I’ve been hoarding a charm pack (all I have left) for a couple of years!

  • Quinoa is awesome– I adore it. You can throw all sorts of good stuff in there, sort of like a healthier couscous. I also love your table runner!

  • Love the table runner! TJ’s sells quinoa, too – but not in bulk. I’ll have to check it out at Whole Foods. We went to the new BevMo this weekend,too (well, on Friday). It’s nice to have one so close, but dang, it seemed really small. But I agree, it is nice to have one so close.

  • kimberlee

    I love the fabrics you selected! It’s so pretty! Sorry it doesn’t have a home, mine’s kind of in the same boat. 😛
    Sorry you didn’t win, I wanted that jelly roll bad too! Don’t the colors look awesome in that line??

  • Joelle

    Since my cat’s don’t let me display it properly (the cool flower petals are just TOO FUN of a toy) would you like it back?

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