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I’ve definitely been disengaged from all things crafty for the past week and a half…and to some extent, disengaged from life in general.  Before I explain, I want to caveat that I’m not depressed or anything, just worried…

Last Friday, my company’s assets were sold by our lender to another company, a competitor.  We couldn’t pay our debt, because we’re not exactly turning a profit in this economy.  The lender sold the assets in order to stop the bleeding on their side.  Can’t say I blame them.  And it’s nice they decided to sell to another company rather than liquidate.  The private equity firm that owned the old company wasn’t able to bail us out with a cash infusion – they’re having financial issues of their own, and the co-owners were definitely on the Bernie Madoff hit list published last December plus one is going thru a very nasty divorce that has the Boca crowd gossiping.

Believe me, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…but it sounds sort of like a soap opera when you start reading the info available on the web!

Anywho, with the sale of the company came some layoffs.  I’ve established myself pretty quickly in my time there (less than a year), and my job was never in question, nor my current salary level. 

I was busy at work all of last week, including staying til 11pm on Thursday to pull together financial information so that the purchase price could be nailed down and finalized on Friday.  Needless to say, I think I deserved the 2 mojitos I drank for Friday dinner.

On top of all of that, Steve and I put in another offer on a house on Friday.  Even though I hadn’t seen the place.  Based solely on Steve’s viewing Thursday night while I was slogging away at work.  That’s faith, right?  I was able to get into the open house on Saturday, and decided Steve had a good gut feeling about the place.  The house is pretty small, and we’ll eventually have to re-do the kitchen and bathroom.  But there is a bonus room attached to the garage that would probably make a great crafty room with some good lighting and making sure my fabric is stored safely.  Fairly immediate purchases would include washer & dryer…and dishwasher.  Think it would be prudent to ask for Best Buy/Home Depot/Sears gift cards for Christmas from the ‘rents…no tangible gifts, we’ll probably need help with the bigger stuff.

We will be waiting for a while to hear about whether our offer was accepted – the house is a short sale, so the bank will take a while before they approve our offer.  The offer we put in was nearly 20% less than what the house sold for about a year ago.  But I think it’s an appropriate reflection of the current market value.

It was such a relief to be able to go up and see Sammy on Saturday afternoon.  Since it’s been 2 weeks post-LASIK, I was cleared for windy activities.  Steve went with me to run, while Sammy & I chased him.  I can’t really describe the thrill I get when we run up this one particular hill, which curves around with a spectacular view of the ocean a half mile away.  The rush of the wind in my face is completely invigorating!  But that’s about as dare-devil as I get, running horses!  And we went geocaching at the beach on Sunday with friends.

My piece of mind is slowly becoming restored.  I’ve never had reason to doubt my decisions in the past, so I’m maintaining my faith in my own consistency…and faith in Steve and his consistency.  Because we are just generally so conservative, buying a house and dealing with jobs can seem so extreme to both of us.

And randomly, I’m also preserving sanity by immersing into a total fantasy world.  I have no idea where Steve & I have been for the past 5 years, but we just got into Battlestar Galactica.  Perfect show for the nerds we are, I have no idea why we didn’t watch this sooner! *slaps head*  We’re thru Season 2.0 thanks to Netflix, and are just super happy we have a bunch more episodes to entertain us thru the summer TV doldrums.

Thank you for reading all of this, you deserve a gold star if you made it this far!  Hopefully, the mojo will be back shortly and I will have some fun things to share with you.  If nothing else, I’m taking a class on a long-arm on the 15th, and should have something interesting to report!

5 comments to Disengaged

  • Hurray for good sci-fi and some fun long arm quilting. No better way to get out of the tight nerves!

  • Hope things calm done at work soon…being a home owner is really fun! Good Luck!

  • Oh, Michelle. Big hugs from me. Take care of yourself!

  • Congrats on the offer! I hope that it goes through. And we have purchased more than one home purely on my DH’s inspection.

    Now spill on where you’re taking the long arm class. Is it some place that you can rent one for a few hours? I’ve been looking for a place like that around here, and haven’t found one.

  • It sounds like things have been pretty crazy for you lately. Don’t rush the house process…the perfect one for you will come in time (and the longer you wait, the larger your down payment will be, too :)

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