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Now What?

I felt compelled to do something with the selvages from my Orange Sherbet quilt this weekend.  Mostly because I had 5 bobbins loaded with thread before I got too intimidated to quilt it myself. 

So what’s a girl to do?

Use one of the fun stitches on her machine and power sew!


But now I’m stuck on what to do with this – I foundation pieced onto some muslin, and the finished size is 15×16.  I was initially thinking pillow, but don’t know where I would put it.  My living room furniture is blue, so this will clash horribly – plus I have the black & cream going as accent colors in there anyway…  And I’ve already demonstrated that these colors clash in our bedroom.  (Sidebar: Really need to become grown-ups and get a bed frame.)  The guest bedroom is Americana, so these colors won’t work there either. 

So I’m not sure what to do with this…  If I ever had my own craft room, I would just hang it up and call it a mini quilt.  So maybe I just put it aside for now?  Any other suggestions?


Seriously, don’t you just love the selvage on the Lightning Bugs fabric?  SO MUCH FUN!!  (click the picture twice to big-ify)  I’ve been saving the selvages when cutting my Heather Ross fabrics – does anyone want them??  This was a fun lil project, but I don’t see too many more selvage projects in my future!

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