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Bee Blocks & Swap Update

A quick update for quilting bee blocks…

One Block Over

April – Andie’s Maverick Star block:

May – Amy’s Japanese + and X block (this was super easy to make, Amy already had the pieces cut out for us – I wish she would have sent fabric for 2 blocks!):

And finally, Victoria, a [...]

Moving On…

Ok, I’m done with the discussion for now.  I was quite a bit refreshed that there was actually an emotion related to a quilting/craft blog that wasn’t 100% ooey-gooey sunshiney goodness.  I’m not entirely sure what everyone is afraid of, but it IS ok to have a differing opinion.  For me, that’s the beauty of [...]

Quiltstory Block Party

I keep seeing other peoples’ posts, so I thought I’d throw my hat in as well… Since I’ve participated in a total of 7 bees since February 2008, I had a few quilt blocks to choose from…

My most favorite traditional block has been the Dutch Rose:

As I’ve eluded to recently, I have [...]

Best Laid Plans…

…get waylaid by a random bout of gastroenteritis.

I had this brilliant idea on Wednesday to invite my girls Joelle & Shannon over for a sew-a-thon this weekend, with the plan to let them raid my fabric and make the Cosmo bag from AB’s Style Stitches (the Cosmo is the cover girl, BTW).  That way, I [...]

Log Cabins for Michele

Ah… my first blocks for One Block Over for the wonderful Michele!

I had the perfect opportunity to throw the Meadowsweet selvage into the center of one of the blocks:


I also started working out what I want to have the OBO girls do for me in February… I was thinking something similar [...]


…Dresdens on my mind… (sing in your head, you know you want to)

The obsession started last year… I suggested to my dear sweet hubby that I would like a Dresden ruler in my stocking.  He got me the fat cats ruler.

Then I was asked to make a Dresden block for the Facebook bee [...]

Bee Blocks 2010

All the crafty bloggers are doing their year in review blog posts…and I’m jealous I can’t create this wonderful mosaic of a bunch of projects I completed this past year, because I didn’t get a lot done!

However, I made a lot of quilting bee blocks this year.

Above are the blocks I made [...]

Really? December??

And I only posted one real post in November??  What’s wrong with me?  Busy, I guess… I do have a couple of things to catch you up on, but I need the photos on my computer @ home…

What else?  Hmm…

When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to join the One Block [...]

Fall 2010 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

I think I missed the Spring 2010 Bloggers’ Quilt Festival because I didn’t have anything new to show… but not this time around!  A couple of weekends ago, I finished up this smallish quilt using some of my 3×6 bee blocks from Q1:

I had asked my 3×6 bee buddies for blocks in black, [...]

Block for Jessica

Jessica requested wonky stars for her PTQB block, using the awesome Prints Charming Rainbow Garden fabrics.  And if you take a looksy at my Flickr favorites, you’ll see my inspiration for the block I ended up making:

I actually didn’t have enough of the plaid for the background, but luckily, I happen to have [...]