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Meet Norbert

Typical view of the hibiscus:

But it doesn’t take long before you see the blur:

And Norbert lands…stakin’ out his turf:

But he has a short attention span…

And just as suddenly, the bud loses its passenger…

But wait!  He’s back in a flash!

“You lookin’ at me??”


Almost a Fool

So when we first bought our place, we were inundated with offers for a whole bunch of crap. Including a biweekly withdrawal for our mortgage payment. Which sounds great, because ultimately, you end up making a whole entire EXTRA payment on your mortgage each year that is entirely principle. Which, for us, is huge. And […]

Animals & Letters

So I alluded to the fact that I did some shopping at Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago.

I’m a bit worried I hyped this too much.  Because you can spend an arm and a leg in either/both of those stores.

I think I only spent an arm – Steve was monitoring […]

More Teal

Actually, not quite teal, it’s definitely a softer color… but it’s called Under the Sea, so right in line with the Swim in the kitchen. Apparently I’m only capable of buying paint with fun names!

Both the main bath & our bath are going to be this color because I love it so much […]

Feeding Frenzy

The word is out on the street – we have the best hummingbird feeder in the ‘hood.  And holy moly, those itty bitty birdies can make some serious noise, with their turbo prop wings and screeches when they bicker with each other.  I watched them for 15 minutes last night, trying my best to get […]

Teal Time Tuesday

Or Teal/Turquoise Tour Twenty Ten (2010 or Two-Oh-Ten)… or the blog post where I talk in Ts because I’m being a turd.  Had enough yet?  Yeah, maybe me too.

We basically took all of last week to finish up the teal/turquoise cabinets in the kitchen… I did all of the painting, but Steve put on […]

My Weekend

Watching/listen to Torchwood:

Seriously, if y’all have Netflix, add it to your Instant queue.  It’s pretty weird, but keeps you sucked in, and isn’t quite quirky like some of the other Brit shows that have crossed the pond.  Think Pushing Daisies + Men In Black + M. Night Shyamalan films + some other […]

An Oldie but a Goodie

As part of the move, some of our less sturdy plastic storage bins didn’t survive without cracks.  Including my box of memorabilia, most of it from high school.  So I bought a sturdier but smaller Rubbermaid box, and set out to see what I could purge and what I couldn’t part with.

This is most […]

Sunday Confession

This is how the inside of our fridge currently looks. Pretty standard for a couple with no kids, I’m guessing. Beer, juice, milk, cheese, leftovers, veggies, condiments.

But here’s the confession:

It just became this clean after nearly 5 years of neglect.

I know, completely disgusting, right?

But in our defense, the poor fridge […]

I’m Trendy

So Pantone totally agrees with me that I should paint my kitchen cabinets a turquoise color. Just sayin’.

Jona and Amy are also in on the secret…