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2 Things I Know

There are 2 things I know today.

One is that my mama totally loves me, because she paid prolly double in postage versus what it cost to buy me my most favoritest salad dressing on the planet that you can only find in Nebraska/Kansas/Iowa:

Thanks mom! Yay for plastic bottles!

And two – I […]

Dear LA Drivers:

(and also those drivers in the greater LA metropolitan area, including, but not limited to, those drivers in Ventura, San Bernadino, and Orange counties).

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you that have accumulated in my brain since February 2005. I took the written driving test one rainy Saturday, and was rather nervous […]


I’ve had to add a new bookmark to my favorites in my web browser.

It took the USGS about 3 minutes to get the 4.1 quake that just happened posted online. That’s just long enough to make me wonder if I was crazy for feeling something, and Steve to call. I guess that’s fast […]


So the last 2 times there has been earthquakes large enough to feel, I haven’t felt them because they were little and I was in the car.

See the big red square?? I live in that square!! 5.0 earthquake centered about 4 miles away (straight as the crow flies) tonight as we were watching […]

Welcome to the Circus

A HUGE *woot* and shout-out to all of the people who posted nice comments on my last post. You made my week! Also, I just wanted to mention that I’m moderating comments from new people, in an attempt to reduce the spam comments that have started popping up a few weeks ago – but once […]

Yeah, Madonna was awesome!

And Britney & Justin both made their cameos… The place went crazy when Brit came out, but was maybe more crazy with Justin. Gotta say though, Britney looked hot…super excited to see her tour next year! Oh, and PS – for 50, Madonna is smokin’!

The long story short…Joelle, Nikki, and I made the mistake […]

Madonna + Britney + Justin =

Michelle dying of Sticky Sweetness @ Dodger Stadium tonight!