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First of all, thank you for voting – I appreciate it more than would believe. If you don’t Facebook (or feel inclined to do some extra voting for me), you can click on the image and write a review – I think it can be something as simple as “nice block!”

Now on to the […]


If you aren’t Pinning, why the heck not? Oh, you aren’t quite sure what it is? Remember how you used to “pin” ideas, recipes, hot guys, etc. onto a corkboard? That’s what Pinterest is, just online.

Anyway, this pillow is one of my favorites this week (orange & pink stripes? Duh…winning!):

Anyway, I’m thinking that […]

Moving On…

Ok, I’m done with the discussion for now.  I was quite a bit refreshed that there was actually an emotion related to a quilting/craft blog that wasn’t 100% ooey-gooey sunshiney goodness.  I’m not entirely sure what everyone is afraid of, but it IS ok to have a differing opinion.  For me, that’s the beauty of […]

Pointing Fingers

…yeah, I would like to blame a few people for my actions as of late…

First, I would like to blame thank Barb for encouraging me to mutilate my camera strap. I was most impressed with her willingness to tear up her mom’s camera strap & substitute a new one. She encouraged me to go […]

Bee Blocks

And lest you think I’ve been letting Steve do all of the hard work ’round these parts, I assure you I have been busy catching up on my quilting bee blocks.

See how I phrased that? “Letting” Steve pack boxes is a privilege, not a chore!

These are Valerie‘s blocks for October’s PTQB:

She’s […]

“Learning Experience”

Last Saturday, I went to the long-arm quilters to finish Rainbow Sherbet (blogged here and here)…and by the end of the day, I was still surprisingly calm. Surprising because of all the things that went wrong:

2 Quilters scheduled to rent the same machine at the same time… I was on the original […]

Summer in the City

I know it’s August, and summer is starting to draw to a close in a lot of places, school is starting up soon, etc. etc. However, in LA, it will continue to get hotter thru the next month, and probably won’t cool off again til October.

And in honor of what’s left of summer, […]

Because I Matter – June Update

June was just not meant to be my month. I’m failing miserably at the Because I Matter Challenge. So many lofty goals…so many other items on the to-do list…

So here’s what I got for June…

The thing that I achieved the most progress was my Rainbow Sherbet quilt. The top is complete (approx […]

Backed & Basted

The Rainbow Sherbet quilt now has a back.

I honestly thought I had enough of the madras print to do the whole back…but I was very wrong. So I pieced from stash & scraps.

In exchange for some Lightning Bugs squares, Chen sent me the madras fishies (and a couple of other goodies) […]

Because I Matter

When Tracey posted about wanting some motivation to create things for herself, I had to agree. While I love the VQBs and swaps I’m participating in, projects for me can be pushed to the side.

So I signed up for the Because I Matter Challenge, and will submit my progress at the end of […]