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Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday, I met up with Michelle at the South Bay Quilt Guild show.  It’s always interesting to meet someone you only know through blogs and emails, but she’s a complete sweetie!  The show was sort of interesting – a lot of quilts that aren’t really my style, but no matter what fabrics and patterns [...]

Pretty Pink

My stack ‘o fabrics that I’m going to be sending out for my month of PTQB2:

I’m so excited, my Hope Valley finally arrived to supplement my Flea Market Fancy stash & Heather Ross pretties.

And isn’t she cute?  I got her from the Craft Hope for Haiti etsy site:

She [...]

Margaret’s Hope Chest

Remember this?  If you don’t, the short story is that I tried quilting it on my home machine with a thrifted sheet for the backing, and disaster ensued.  The quilt remained in a box until I pulled it out to use as practice for quilting on the long-arm in August.  And then I didn’t [...]

Locks of Love

I decided back in August that I was going to grow my hair out to donate to Locks of Love…I certainly have enough hair, and even though I’m not really a fan of the thick mess going past the tops of my shoulders, I’m going to tough it out.

I haven’t really had long [...]