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Doll Quilt Swap #13

I finally have my first finish of 2013! I signed up in December for round #13 of the Doll Quilt Swap, thinking I would have a ton of time over Christmas break (I took off 2 weeks) to crank something out. I had a plan in place by then…but no one told this naive first-time […]

October Sewing

My relative silence doesn’t mean I haven’t been sewing… I’m still absorbed in the Ice & Fire books though, lol!

Anyway, some recent sewing endeavors…

An Alice smock (using this tutorial) for my favorite ginger baby, Ellie. She’s turning 1 in a few days, but we’re missing her party. She also got a matching […]

Bee Blocks & Swap Update

A quick update for quilting bee blocks…

One Block Over

April – Andie’s Maverick Star block:

May – Amy’s Japanese + and X block (this was super easy to make, Amy already had the pieces cut out for us – I wish she would have sent fabric for 2 blocks!):

And finally, Victoria, a […]

Out with the Old, In with the New

Bye bye, old plain Jane placements!

Hello, new awesome placements from Colleen in the SutK swap!


Hello, cute coordinated napkin rings!

And hello, new awesome placemats from Jessie in the UHG swap!

This one is my favorite, I love the flower effect:

Mucho gracias to these 2 ladies – […]

Swaps & Style Stitches Update

(I seriously couldn’t come up with a better title for this post, how boring am I??)

I finished up my SutK Swap package on Sunday and mailed to my partner on Monday. She’s well-known in the crafty blog world, and I love her taste…so I did my best to stalk her and pick up on […]

Spicing Up the Kitchen!

Darci & Erin invited me to participate in the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap they’re hosting, and it has come up at the perfect time!

Our kitchen/dining area was the first to receive substantial attention when we bought our place a year ago, but has been stagnant the last few months. However, we just finished […]

I Think Sew

I think I can keep sewing… 2 things down off my immediate to do list…

First, I finished my mini-quilt for the Modify Tradition Swap.

And in true “Michelle’s a Ding Dong” fashion, I’m pretty sure I wrote “Modern Tradition Swap” on the back for a label.  D’OH!

But since I can’t seem to […]

Dear MT Swap Partner

Hey folks, I signed up for another swap – the Modify Tradition swap (there’s a little button over on the sidebar). Have you read the MT blog and checked out the Flickr group? Pretty good stuff in there!

I just want to make sure my partner has some info about things I like…


Black, White, and Michelle All Over

Time for a VQB update – the 3×6 Bee Q1 went extremely well.  I put in a request for black/gray/white blocks to be used in a small wall hanging for my poor blank wall in my living room.  My group was more than sufficiently up to task, and these are the blocks I received back:


Interlaced Star Tutorial

Remember this block I made for Aimee for AQB2?

Well, I decided the Interlaced Star was going to be my block for the 3×6 Bee. After a tiny bit of trial & error, I figured out it was more helpful to make via paper piecing – it really helps eliminate a lot of the […]