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Sunday Funny

…on a Tuesday.

My mom emailed that one to me, thought I’d share with the sewists! 😉

I’ll be back soon – maybe I’ll phone blog on Thursday on our way up to camp along the Kern. I’ll definitely share a photo of the wedding quilt once I get my FIL to send me […]

Kids are Funny…

My favorite photo of the balcony kiss from the Royal Wedding, courtesy of CNN…

Love the little bridesmaid in the bottom left! (guessing it’s little Grace – if you google for more photos, you can see Charles holding another little bridesmaid that I’m assuming is Camilla’s granddaughter Eliza)


Lego Monster

Lego Monster, a photo by mpfox223 on Flickr.

Our godson Kyle had birthday #4 last week. Being the spoiley lot that we are, we decided to start him on Legos, so I bought a big 400 pack on Amazon + a couple of the 10″ boards.

I decided he also needed a containment device […]


Carrie Bradshaw nominated me for a completely obscure & meaningless blog award. Which is awesome.

The recipients of this award are asked to answer the following questions, link to whoever awarded them and then pass it on to people (who they think will actually be willing to answer these totally intrusive and possibly […]

So True

Are you wasting time on Pinterest too? You can find me here.

Oh, and keep the comments coming, there were a couple of new people leaving comments – I’m definitely interested in hearing what you have to say!

Oh Danny Boy!

I will ALWAYS get a kick out of the Muppets.

Tax Time Tool

Although I’m a CPA, I’m a financial accountant, not a tax accountant. In fact, I despise taxes – just like you! But I’m not about to waste money with a tax preparer – I do it myself. Since I became a homeowner, I’ve finally been able to take itemized deductions on my return. One of […]


I dunno if you follow Ellen on twitter, but she tweets these awesomely funny photos, and I can’t help but to crack up when I browse through them.

For example…

This poor girl is now immortalized by Ellen – the laughable item in question is the mini hat on the girl’s head (click the photo […]

Sewing Summit

OK, who’s going?

I’m 90% sure – the room rate is great, the flight to SLC should be fast & cheap (just how I like it!), and I think it will be like a giant MQG meeting. And even though it’s being touted as a sewing and blogging conference, I’m thinking not a lot […]

Inspiration…not Perspiration…

Just some crafty fodder I’ve enjoyed lately…

1. Pillow Talk Swap 4, 2. low volume baby quilt, 3. making me smile, 4. Hope Valley top, 5. you fill my hearts cross stitch, 6. Krista’s doll quilt all finished, 7. Quilting Divas , 8. shades of blue01, 9. star quilt 2

My MIL doesn’t know […]