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10 years ago, I started dating this cutie pie:

And for 29 years, that same cutie pie has been on this Earth:

10/29…what a day!

Ice & Fire

Crafting has basically gone by the wayside the last few weeks as I’ve been totally sucked into the Song of Ice and Fire books. I’m currently slogging thru book 3.

Foxtoberfest was a success on Saturday. Radar was happy to clean up food bits from the floor on Sunday, you’d think he was part dog. […]

It’s Almost Time…

… for FoxtoberFest 2011!

For any new readers since last October, Steve decided last year to go for an Oktoberfest themed birthday party, in part to offset his disappointment in local commercial Oktoberfest celebrations. Basically, he just wants good German food (brats, kraut, warm potatoes), bier, and the company of good friends.

This year, […]

Bad Things Happen in Threes

Bad Things Happen in Threes: one of the quirky things I firmly believe in. Typically, the “bad things” tend to be related to car accidents. Like how Steve’s, my SIL’s car, and my dad’s car all were involved in fender benders within a couple of weeks of each other in 2005 (all in California, no […]

The Weather

This post most appropriately describes an Angelino’s view on the weather – at least, in my humble opinion.

The gist? We’re so used to basically perfect weather conditions that any minor change (which would barely register on my radar in the Midwest) is deemed strange.

I haven’t yet succumbed to wearing more than an ArcTeryx […]

Something Blue

I tried not to be too terribly pushy by shoving my ideas on my SIL Karissa for her wedding, but when i saw this on Pinterest, I had to shoot her an email to ask what her “something blue” was, and if she didn’t have anything, did she like the idea? She replied back that […]


…it’s not hot here.

Y’all are welcome to visit.

Even if the temp cranks up, I’ll have Steve blow up the pool floaties for you. And by 4pm, the pool is usually pretty shaded.

On a related note, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have heat stroke while in Nebraska next weekend for my […]

Power Tools

So… Sylvester is our dirty cat.  He’s not so good with the personal hygiene…or the litter box hygiene.  Thankfully, his brother Radar takes care of him (with the exception of the first week we lived in our house, which Radar spent cowering in fear until he figured out this was his new home).  However, Radar […]

Happy July?

I started off July with a bang…

Yeah, that was me the whole weekend, nasty cold virus, my head all congested, coughs from the congestion… I’m still not 100%, my left ear has a bunch of pressure – the doctor told me to chew gum (that’s a new one!) and not fly, lest I […]

WIP. It. Out.

I’ve had the pattern pieces cut & fused for the Amy Butler Birdie Sling for 2 years now… 2 YEARS! Thank heavens for the search bar on my blog, so I can be sure to be embarrassed by that fact.

I’ve been wanting to tote around a new (and not quite as huge as the […]