T-91 Days

We are exactly 3 months away from Kit’s estimated arrival!

Apparently baby bumps elicit all sorts of random comments from total strangers.  I didn’t really appreciate this phenom until about a month ago.

I inevitably am asked what the baby’s sex is, and can pretty effectively kill the conversation with an “I don’t know” answer.  For some reason, no one seems to have a ready platitude for that one!

I really could do without these conversations, but especially when they go like this:

Random Stranger: “Oh, you look like you’re almost there!”

Me: “Oh, I have a few months left.”

RS: “Twins?”

Me: “No, just one.  Three months to go.”

RS: “Oh, you look really big.”

I awkwardly walk away…  Gee, thanks, Costco food lady.  I really needed that confidence boost.  Pretty sure she’s lucky these sorts of conversations stun my brain a bit, so I’m never able to spit out a snappy comeback!  Maybe I should just pretend some hearing loss??

The crazy thing is that I’m pretty sure my belly measurement is right on the money.  I’m also positive I won’t be wearing non-maternity clothes when I am actually 9 months along, like I was for this encounter!  I sure as heck won’t be shopping for toilet paper in Costco when I’m 9 months along! 

So as a plea… if you feel compelled to talk to a pregnant stranger, please only say nice things to her.  And tell her you think it’s awesome that she’s not finding out the gender of her baby!

I’ll be back next week with an updated belly measurement from my OB, along with an ultrasound!  I won’t drink OJ beforehand this time – hopefully, Kit will pose all nice & pretty for us!  The ultrasound should also give us some size measurements to benchmark. Smile

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  1. Joelle

    3 months, yay!!!

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