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Let me catch you up on a few things that have been going on around the house…

In case you missed the photos on Facebook, here is the transition the stairs have undergone since we bought our place in November 2009:


Here is the “staged” view of the stairs.  We added a kitty door in the closet door, so it can remain closed but the cats still have access to their commode.  We’re loving the lack of smell!


Other household projects include adding more storage shelves in the garage (which is freeing up some closet space in the guest bedroom), and some landscaping on the patio. 

The other “must do before baby” work we’ve done is replace the awful sliding patio door.  The old door was original, 34 years old and very neglected in terms of maintenance, so it made the most horrible racket when sliding the screen open.  The glass was also pretty noisy.  The overall effect was unacceptable noise right under the baby’s room.  We had french doors with a “side light” (aka, non-moving full height screen section) installed.  We also replaced our window box in front of the kitchen sink with a normal window.  I think Steve is missing the storage space for miscellaneous kitchen junk, but I think it looks much better!

Steve is making progress on the built-in dresser that’s going in Kit’s room.  He’s missing class this week for a work trip, and doesn’t have class next week due to Spring Break, so that’s been put on hold for a couple of weeks.

Speaking of classes, I’m starting a Photoshop class with the Redondo Beach parks department this week.  Sometimes books/online tutorials don’t work for me – so I’m forcing learning by making myself accountable for going to a class.  Poor Kit is definitely going to be the victim of my post-class practicing!

We should have more updates soon – the crib is set to arrive this week!  If I could just figure out a chair solution that doesn’t break the bank, I would be set with nursery furniture!

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  1. Joelle

    looks great!!

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