Breaking News!

I don’t have gestational diabetes!

I drank the glucose crap yesterday and the nurse actually managed to draw blood… and normal results today!

Woo hoo!

Oh, and the glucose drink isn’t as nasty as I had heard it was.  I had fruit punch, and it tasted like Hawaiian Punch without carbonation, kind of syrupy.  So not what you necessarily want to drink as an adult, but I didn’t have any trouble getting it down.  Of course, a straw always makes the liquids go down faster…


  1. Mir

    Woohoo! Yay! So happy for you!! I’ve never had the fruit punch… I’ve had lemon lime and orange.

  2. Scott

    Wonder why they can’t just give you any old high-sugar syrup. Like…. Soda! May take more of it to get to your carb count, but still!

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