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Better late than never… Another edition of Kit Conversations: “I take off mermaid.” (Aka her Little Mermaid pull up we use at nap) “I pee in my bed.” Awesome.

Kit Conversations

I would like to introduce a new segment to this here blog, now that lil Kit is actually starting to form words that are comprehensible. So here’s the inaugural entry: Steve toots Kit: “Whoa!” That girl is too funny



This weekend, I started browsing MY baby book.  I used to love looking through it as a child, and am hoping Kit will enjoy his/her baby book too!  I’m really interested in creating a baby book, rather than buying one.  In today’s digital age, that shouldn’t be too difficult!  As an added bonus, the book …

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Sick as a Dog…

Saturday was spent running errands, with a trip to the movie theater to see The Hunger Games.  A rainy Sunday canceled our plans to head south to visit the Carlsbad flower fields, so we spent the day puttering around the house.  Our nice, quiet weekend ended not so nicely on Sunday evening.  I developed a …

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Why I Know Steve Will Be a Good Dad

The story below is a story that many people have probably not heard because for some reason, I forget to tell it.  But during Iowa State homecoming week 2001, I was able to get my first glimpse of what Steve would be like as a parent.  We weren’t quite dating yet, just good friends that …

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Crazy… Part X

It’s no secret that Steve and I are big fans of Disneyland.  We’ve been passholders since 2006.  In addition, we’ve been competing (for pride) in a scavenger hunt known as MouseAdventure since the fall of 2006.  The event basically involves walking around Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, or some combination of the three locales, with …

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