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Kit’s Den

I updated the Kit’s Den page with some photos of the nursery as of last week.  Click on over to see check it out!

Around the House


Let me catch you up on a few things that have been going on around the house… In case you missed the photos on Facebook, here is the transition the stairs have undergone since we bought our place in November 2009: Here is the “staged” view of the stairs.  We added a kitty door in …

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Just Popping In…


… To say hello! Steve and I spent part of the weekend prepping the house for contractor invasion. Our new stairs are being installed this week! Why new stairs? Well, at minimum, we needed to add a railing to the existing stairs – not only to bring the stairs up to code, but to ensure …

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Guest Bedroom


I’m amazed by the amount of work Steve was able to accomplish in 2 weekends (plus a little bit of post-work painting in the evenings).  The guest bedroom is a generous size – 12′ is the narrow measurement, so it’s no small task.  Steve is like the Energizer bunny of home improvements! Yesterday, we were …

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