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To the People of Panera…

I hope you enjoyed the scene that transpired last night as Kit and I waited in line to order food. I’m holding Kit on my hip and: Kit pokes my boob Me: “Oh, please don’t poke my boob” Kit (loudly): “That’s your boob?” Me: “Uh huh” Kit pokes my other boob Calli: “That’s also a …

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Not Quite a Gorilla


From the San Diego Zoo Safari Park last weekend. Fun day, but crazy hot. Drank lots of powerade.

Big Girl Bed


Back in January, we attempted to turn Kit’s crib into a toddler bed. My logic was that she had been sleeping on a cot at daycare since about 9 months old, so I figured she could handle the toddler rail on her bed. Well, it turned out the answer was no. She completely freaked out, …

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Better late than never… Another edition of Kit Conversations: “I take off mermaid.” (Aka her Little Mermaid pull up we use at nap) “I pee in my bed.” Awesome.

Bunny No More


Kit moved to a full-blown 2 year old preschool room at daycare in April. She’s a little young for the room, but is so social and talkative that her teachers decided she would be bored if she stayed in the toddler room for 3-4 more months when the next transition period would occur. Things have …

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Fox Bunny

Long time, no post. We’ve been busy having fun. Kit runs us ragged on the weekends. We’ve officially hit word explosion and her physical coordination amazes me. Here is just one example:

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Brag post


So guess who used the potty 3 times last week?? (Ignore her expression, it’s like she already knows this picture will come back to haunt her at some point) We are going to take things slow for a bit, let her express interest, so we don’t scare her off.

Kit Conversations

I would like to introduce a new segment to this here blog, now that lil Kit is actually starting to form words that are comprehensible. So here’s the inaugural entry: Steve toots Kit: “Whoa!” That girl is too funny

Being a Toddler at Daycare


Life has definitely gotten more interesting now that Kit is in the toddler room. I think we are averaging 1 incident report a week. Most of them are because she fell and bumped her head/face. But sometimes they are because of other reasons. Now we understand why there is a four page biting policy at …

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Tooth Update


Kit officially has 6 teeth!

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